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Meet the Coalition

Otherwise Known as Our Pack

Our team is fierce with over 200 years of combined experience and an appetite for adventure. We are poised to unleash a whole new level of expertise and service within the fixed annuity insurance industry.

Cindy Reed, CEO

Cindy Reed

Chief Executive Officer

Cindy represents the cheetah’s spirit.
She embodies agility, speed, and precision in her approach to revolutionizing the insurance industry. With a wealth of experience, she is driven by a relentless passion to enhance the experiences of financial professionals. At Revol One Financial™, Cindy sees an opportunity to build a new standard from the ground up, infusing the company with a spirit of innovation and dynamism that mirrors the unmatched prowess of the cheetah.

Mark Zesbaugh

Mark Zesbaugh

Executive Chairman

Mark is the alpha of our pack. Under Mark's visionary guidance, Revol One Financial is poised to revolutionize the insurance industry. His entrepreneurial leadership style empowers us to align seamlessly with our revolutionary vision to disrupt the insurance industry’s traditional way of rolling out new products. Now, through our agile approach and robust product engine, we are nimble enough to respond to market demands with unparalleled adaptability.

Patrick Cahill

Patrick Cahill

Chief Distribution Officer

Patrick is the lead hunter in our group. He is an energetic collaborator. He works to deliver solutions that meet the needs of our financial professionals. He embodies the competitive nature of our organization to break free of the pack and deliver beyond expectations. His unwavering focus is on exceeding these expectations, ensuring that Revol One Financial stands out as a leader in the industry.

Mathew Coleman

Matthew Coleman

Chief Product Strategy Officer

Matthew embodies the prowess of the entire cheetah pack. With a relentless focus on delivering high-quality products, he is skillful and focused on the company's vision and purpose. Understanding that customers are at the heart of the business, he delves deeply into their needs to exceed expectations. Revol One Financial is committed to breaking out of the norm when it comes to bringing new products to market.

Matt Kerchal

Matt Kerchal

Chief Operating Officer

Matt is the cheetah with the most finesse and agility. Matt is committed to making every client interaction as smooth and sleek as possible. Under his leadership, our processes ensure we exceed expectations in service and support. As a result, clients will avoid hunting through multiple service teams for help. Being part of this organization offers an opportunity to establish processes correctly from the outset and work as a pack.

Bob Guilmetto

Bob Guilmette

Chief Information Officer

Bob is the trailblazer of our pack. He is at the forefront of ensuring that our technology platforms deliver a high-level customer experience. Unencumbered by outdated legacy systems, Bob ensures we are empowered to construct streamlined, interconnected, and agile administrative platforms and user experiences. Revol One Financial is unleashing the full potential of our technological capabilities for our financial professionals and customers.

Bill Crane

Bill Crane

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Bill represents the cheetah in his loyalty and commitment to perfection. Bill is dedicated to ensuring that our innovative retirement products meet regulations with precision while providing competitive insurance products to the market. At Revol One Financial, we are about pressing through old boundaries and breaking barriers to serve our financial professionals and their clients at a higher level.

Candace & Will


Head of Strategic Finesse

Candace embodies the grace and precision of the cheetah, symbolizing our company's commitment to executing tasks with finesse and efficiency. She represents our ability to navigate the business landscape with elegance and poise. Her presence serves as a testament to our company's dedication, and a reminder that with this revolutionary mindset we can achieve our objectives with speed, grace, and unwavering determination.


Director of Revolutionary Spirit

As the embodiment of our company's fierce spirit, Will represents our unwavering determination and commitment to achieving excellence. Will symbolizes our company's swift and decisive actions in the pursuit of our goals. With a focus on overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities, Will serves as a reminder that we will achieve success through our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Unleash the Power of Speed
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